Are you optimizing your largest investment?

02 October 2021
Calgary and Edmonton Alberta Warehouse Space for rent

As Contractors we are obsessed with optimizing our profit from equipment and we ignore our largest single investment. What am I talking about? I am talking about your shop, yard, and offices - likely your single most expensive asset! It is crazy to think we let our largest asset (aka shop and yard) go underutilized when seasonality and workflow variations can make our yard and shop look like a ghost town. WHAT IF… when your yard and shop look like a ghost town, someone from a different industry is willing to rent them from you for a pretty penny?

INTRODUCING the FLEX SPACE CONCEPT. The flex space concept is essentially renting out your underutilized space or a portion of your space (on a short-term basis) to other companies in other industries who need a short-term fix. The Space4RentNetwork will do this for you. Simply list your space, black it out for seasonality, and this network will connect you to other potential short-term tenants. Space4Rent makes the introduction and you decide if it is the right fit. Welcome to the Airbnb equivalent for shop and yard space!

Maybe a manufacturer needs additional space for a bulge contract while your fleet is out working (your shop), or, a trucking company needs a temporary space for fleet maintenance (your shop), or, your material distributors need your yard to stage materials, or, another company needs space for its own geographic expansion to your city. Now, with Space4Rent, you can get connected to potential tenants and turn your largest asset into a revenue generator. Check out and list your space for free for a whole year. You can always say no to potential tenants but you won’t know if you don’t list!

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