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Yard space generally refers to land adjacent to construction companies and equipment depots where unused equipment and machinery is parked. Some yard spaces are the entirety of the business, such as scrap and salvage yards. Other yard space may not be connected to the owner's building such as a staging area for a large construction or industrial project.

Yard space is generally found in an industrial park or industrial zone within a city. These industrial zones are subject to very different bylaws than other areas. Examples of industrial parks offering yard space are Calgary’s Foothills Industrial Area, the Northeast Edmonton Industrial Area, the Reywest Industrial Park in Phoenix and so forth. A commonality among many industrial zones is railway access.

Renting Yard space is typically easier than renting buildings as there is less to damage (though environmental damage can occur). In deciding to buy or rent yard space, a business owner needs to consider the time period the yard will be needed. If you are looking for yard space as a staging area for a project that will only last a few months then renting yard space is a much better option. For a renter, there are likely several pieces of land that are not in use. For example, a construction company, while in its busy season, uses next to none of its yard. In the winter, that same yard is full of parked construction equipment.