Are you looking at expanding to another geographic location? Read this first!

24 September 2021
Calgary and Edmonton industrial yard space for rent

Expanding to a new geographic location, especially as a contractor, is a very risky and costly endeavor. Not only do you need to be present in that location with project managers, estimators, mechanics, fuelers, truckers, foremen, operators, and ground laborers, but you may also need to find an office, shop, and yard. And the biggest problem is no one wants to rent you space month-to-month while you figure out your expansion … UNTIL NOW!

Introducing the Space4RentNetwork This network connects you to the facilities you need on a short-term basis by directly renting from other companies (from different industries) that have excess capacity and who might be willing to rent a portion of the space as a co-tenant or sole tenant month-to-month until you get it all figured out. That is a big geographic expansion risk solved.

Keep in mind, Realtors are not interested in finding you the space you need for a month-to-month rental because there is no benefit to them. The Space4RentNetwork solves this dilemma by connecting you directly to other business owners. Now that solved your premises problem, you can focus on the real challenges that are inherent with geographic expansion – Good luck!

Space4RentNetwork is free for connecting as a renter and if you wish to list your own space to others, expanding it is free for the first year after sign-up. You have nothing to lose so why not give it a shot!

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