Get to know Victoria, BC, Canada

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The city of Victoria lies on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and is the capital of the province of British Columbia. The heavy industries in Victoria are concentrated on the engineering and technological sectors, with focus on the manufacture of technological products and light aircraft; manufacturing, warehousing and the transport industries remain key sectors in the economic activity of Victoria.

The community plan of Victoria utilizes a place-based land use management, where the industrial sectors under this are categorized into industrial employment and marine industrial.

  • Industrial Employment areas consist of light industrial areas where a range of manufacturing, warehousing, processing, distribution and repair services take place.

  • Marine Industrial areas comprise marine-dependent uses including shipping, manufacturing, processing, transportation, warehousing, and other marine industrial services in the working harbour.

Under the Zoning By-Laws of Victoria, Heavy Industries involve the fabrication, assembly, processing, cleaning, servicing, testing and the storage of goods and materials. The following areas contain the main concentrations of Industrial Employment Areas, and Marine Industrial areas.

  • Industrial Employment areas are concentrated in the parcels of land enclosed by Ellice St., Hillside Ave., David St., John St., Turner St., and Pleasant St.,

  • Marine Industrial areas are concentrated on the Selkirk Waters, Upper Harbour, Outer Harbour and Camel Point areas,

Industrial Yard Spaces in these areas are utilized for the following purposes:

  • Victoria Public Works along Bridge and Ellice Sts.

  • Ellice St. contains industrial yard spaces for contractor services and automobile repair and servicing.

  • David St. contains industrial yard spaces for construction materials (Schnitzer Steel), recovery services (Cascades Recovery, Ellice Recycling)

  • Bay St. lies close to the harbour facilities zoned for Marine Industrial use in Selkirk Waters.

  • Upper Harbour contains industrial yard space used by Salish Sea Industrial Services.

  • Outer Harbour contains industrial yard space used by the Canadian Coast Guard.

  • Camel Point contains industrial yard space used for stevedoring services, and helijet services. This area also contains docks for ships.