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Industrial Yard Spaces in Red Deer, Alberta

The city of Red Deer is located in the central part of Alberta, Canada. The key industries in Red Deer are oil, manufacturing, and agriculture. Numerous areas in Red Deer are reserved for industrial and commercial uses.

Zoning Process in Red Deer

The city of Red Deer is divided into land use zones or districts by the Land Use Bylaw. Either for discretionary or permitted purposes can be granted in every district. These zones are created to keep lands separated and to help in regulating particular land uses.

Moreover, the Land Use Bylaw is used to organize and implement rules and regulations for the development of land. It is also used to establish the process of finalizing decisions that are intended for applications of land development authorization in Red Deer.

The bylaw incorporates land use zones or districts. These are:

  • C4 - Commercial. The main purpose of this zoning in Red Deer is to help in developing locations for services and trade that are particularly concerning automotive and other commercial land uses that are constructed at low densities. It is made to generally serve the city and the region.

  • I1 - Industrial. This is intended for light industrial uses only. This zoning provides for warehousing, wholesale, and especially industrial uses as well as manufacturing, fabrication, or processing of different materials that are already in the refined formulation. The operation must not emit or create noises, fumes, dust, and other factors that are considered annoyances.

Furthermore, the industrial spaces in Red Deer are allowed to accommodate the following industries:

  • Retail

  • Construction

  • Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Quarrying

  • Services

  • Agriculture

  • Oil or Fuel Storage

C4 - Commercial Zoning (Major Arterial) in Red Deer

Permitted C4 Uses

  • Recreational center

  • Service facility

  • Building sign

  • Freestanding sign

  • Merchandise

  • Rental buildings

  • Restaurant

  • Repair and service of goods

  • Office

Discretionary C4 Uses

  • Above-ground storage for fuel and oil

  • Accessory building

  • Billboard sign

  • Occupancy of dangerous goods

  • Drinking establishment

  • Freestanding sign

  • Funeral home

I1 - Industrial Zoning (Business Service) in Red Deer

Permitted I1 Uses

  • Accessory buildings or uses

  • Accessory sales of used automobiles, trucks, holiday trailers

  • Building sign

  • Freestanding sign

  • Industrial support services

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Repair and servicing

  • Rental

  • Warehousing

  • Outdoor storage

Discretionary I1 Uses

  • Auction marts

  • Animal services

  • Above-ground storage for fuel products such as oil and propane

  • Billboard sign

  • Crematorium (human or pet)

  • Restaurant

  • Occupancy of dangerous goods

  • Sale of large trucks over 10,000 Kg, manufactured Homes, heavy construction equipment and machinery

  • Industrial trade schools with maximum capacity of 60 people

  • Accessory outdoor display or sale of goods

  • Energy facility

  • Uses that generate waste materials, outputs, or byproducts used for industrial operation within the Eco Industrial Park Overlay District.

Regulations and Requirements

  • Minimum for Front Yard - 6 meters (except the areas near Edgar Industrial Drive and I-1-zoned lands near Eco Industrial Park which has a minimum of 9 meters)

  • Minimum for Side Yard - 6 meters on single side

  • Minimum for Rear Yard - 3 meters

  • Landscaped Area - minimum front yard’s 40% area

  • Minimum for Site Area - 929 square meters

  • Minimum for Frontage - 22 meters

Industrial Yard Spaces in Red Deer

There are many industrial yard spaces located in Red Deer. Here are some of the areas that have available/nearest yard spaces:

  • McKenzie Industrial Business Park

  • Eco Industrial Park

  • Edgar Industrial Drive

Most yard spaces have an average cost of rent or lease per square foot a year is $6 to $8.