Get to know Prince Rupert, BC, Canada

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The port city of Prince Rupert is located on Kaien Island and serves as the land, air and water transportation hub for the northern coast of British Columbia. The heavy industries in Prince Rupert are centered around the fishing and port industries.

The Zoning By-Laws of Prince Rupert state that for the industrial sector, focus has shifted to the port facilities of the city, due to the decline in the fishing and forestry industries that used to be the industrial mainstays of the city. The Industrial Guidelines for Prince Rupert provide for industrial yard spaces to be screened from public roads, when incorporated into the industrial sites of the city.

There are several categorizations for heavy industrial land use in Prince Rupert with the following heavy industries permitted:

  • M2 for General Industrial Use
    • Automotive body and repair shop, sales and rental.

    • Key lock fuel installation.

    • Contractor offices, shops, works and storage use.

    • Shipping Container.

    • Marine commercial use.

    • Fuel products storage, loading and unloading.

    • Log Booming and sorting.

    • Impoundment yard.

    • Fish processing.

    • Net loft.

    • Marine commercial use.

    • Marine service station.

    • Freight and truck terminal.

  • M3 for the Waterfront Industrial Zone
    • Fish processing, excluding reduction plant.

    • Net loft.

    • Marine transportation use.

    • Shipbuilding and repair.

    • Transportation terminal.

    • Bulk commodity storage and terminal.

    • Marina.

    • Marine commercial use.

    • Marine fuel station.

    • Automotive body and repair shops, sales and rental.

    • Log booming and sorting.

    • Shipping container.

    • Key lock fuel installation.

    • Contractor offices, shops, works and storage use.

    • Fuel products storage, loading and unloading.

  • M4 for Auto Wrecking Yards

For storage and yard spaces in Prince Rupert, the following provisions in the city guidelines are applicable:

  • Setback

a. Unenclosed storage is not permitted in any required front or exterior

side yard setback.

  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Circulation

a. Unenclosed storage must not impede either vehicular or pedestrian


b. Unenclosed storage must be situated on a site in a manner that

provides for safe and attractive pedestrian access between parking

areas, unenclosed storage areas and the principal use building; and

c. Unenclosed storage must not interfere with sight lines for either

pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

  • Screening

a. All unenclosed storage must be screened from adjacent roads and

residential properties, either by fencing or by landscaping;

b. The use of temporary wire fencing is prohibited as a permanent fencing


c. Where storage containers designed and constructed for shipping are

permitted and used for permanent or long term (more than 90 days) onsite storage the placement of the containers must comply with the setback requirements for accessory buildings, except when in proximity

to a residential use. In those instances, storage containers should be

fully screened from the view of the residential use, and situated at least

6m (20ft) from a property boundary common to a residential use, and

preferably separated further by a permanent building or structure.

Storage containers should also not be stacked, unless the resulting

stack is unobtrusive to adjacent properties and uses.

d. Where storage containers on general industrial zoned lands are used in

support of shipping operations (such as an off-terminal site for stacking

containers for transload operations, logistics activities, a flowthrough

storage yard, or other similar port-related uses), such use should be

screened from adjacent residential uses.

Industrial Yard Spaces in Prince Rupert are located in the following areas with the following uses:

  • The Port of Prince Rupert Container Facility with M3 Designation

  • The Port of Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal

  • The Cow Bay Marina

  • Industrial Yard Space around Seal Cove Road, for Northcoast Helicopters

  • The Prince Rupert Ferry Service, which include Yard Space for Heliports

  • Duncan Road, part of Wainwright Marine Services Ltd.

  • Shawatians Rd, part of Kitselas Equipment Rentals

  • Kaien Rd, Container Storage

  • Metlakatla Rd, which contains yard spaces for logistics and transport, and auto repair shops

  • Mish Aw Rd, which contains numerous industrial yard spaces for construction and port facilities.