Get to know Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

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Heavy industries in the city of Medicine Hat are concentrated on the transport and logistics industries, the extraction of natural resources such as coal and natural gas, and the manufacturing industries.

Land use in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta is allocated into several categories: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Parks and Open Space and Agricultural Land. For ease of classification, the land use of Medicine Hat is divided into the following sectors:

  • The North Employment Sector is 3210 Hectares in Area, and is the site for heavy industrial, light industrial and commercial uses.

  • The North Residential Sector is 1770 Hectares in Area and is a mostly residential area, plus community services.

  • The West Residential Sector is 1980 Hectares in Area, mostly zoned for open space and future residential areas.

  • The West Employment Sector is 1100 Hectares in Area, and is zoned for commercial and heavy industrial usage.

  • The City Centre Sector is 1080 Hectares in Area, zoned for residential, commercial and mixed use sectors.

  • The South Residential Sector is 2540 Hectares in Area, zoned for residential, commercial and open space usage.

Lands zoned for heavy industrial usage are concentrated in the northwest and southwest sectors of Medicine Hat. Properties with industrial storage yards are concentrated in the North Employment Sector and in the West Employment Sector. The following properties in Medicine Hat with industrial storage yards for rent, lease, or sale are as follows:

  • 1010 Brier Park Drive Northwest

  • 810 15 Street Southwest

  • 1887 6th Avenue Southwest

  • 1702 10 Avenue Southwest

  • 802 16th Street Southwest

  • 1805 10 Avenue Southwest

  • 1108 and 1147 7 Street Southwest

  • 3378 15 Avenue Southwest

  • 521 North Railway Street

  • 602 13 Street Southeast