Get to know Lloydminster, AB, Canada

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The city of Lloydminster is unique in that it straddles the border of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Both provincial governments have incorporated Lloydminster as a single city under a single municipal administration. As a city that focuses on heavy industry, key heavy industries include petrochemicals, mining, utilities, construction, manufacturing and transportation. Aside from these heavy industries, Lloydminster also has the processing of agricultural products as one of its main industries, which allows it to contribute to the biodiesel industry of Canada.

There are two industrial subdivisions in Lloydminster, namely the Hill Industrial and the Sask Industrial. Other industrial zones in Lloydminster are located along the northern sections of 59th Avenue and 63 Avenue, 52 Street in the south where it intersects with 40 Avenue, and 62 Street in the North.

  • A key player in the industrial zone of Lloydminster is the Husky Energy Heavy Oil Refinery, which lies in the north central portion of the city, north of 52 Street. Yard spaces in this area are allocated for the use of oil refinery storage.

  • Hill Industrial is located at the Northwest Corner of Lloydminster.
    • Industrial Yard Spaces in this industrial zone are focused on the sales and repair of trailers and trucks, mechanical services, transportation, contractor services, scrap yards, automobile repairs, metal fabrication, and logistical services.

  • Sask Industrial is located along 47 Street and 37 Avenue.
    • Industrial Yard Spaces in this area are plentiful as the land is yet to be developed. Other occupied areas have industrial yard spaces devoted to the repair of automobiles, equipment rentals, automobile sales and contractor services.

    • 3852 47 Street, has an area of 10,426.38 sq. m, and is unoccupied

    • 3752 47 Street, has an area of 10,288.20 sq. m and is unoccupied.

    • 3714 47 Street, has an unlisted area, and is unoccupied.