Get to know Leduc, AB, Canada

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The city of Leduc is located south of Edmonton and forms part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

The key industries in Leduc are centered around the petrochemical industry and the transportation industries. Other heavy industries in Leduc are centered around the extraction of natural resources and manufacturing.

There are two industrial zones in Leduc: the Leduc Business Park in the north of the city, and the Nisku Industrial Park to the north of Leduc.

According to the Land Use Bylaw of Leduc, there are four categorizations for industrially zoned land:

  • IL - Light Industrial Land

  • IM - Medium Industrial Land

  • IBL - Business Light Industrial

  • IS - Special Industrial

Industrial Front Yard Spaces are governed by the following provisions under the By-Law:

  • The front yard shall not be used for the storage of unfinished goods or supplies

  • The front yard setback may be varied where a berm with intensive landscaping is proposed at the direction of the Development Authority.

  • Outdoor Storage is only allowed when accessory to a permitted Principal Use.

Principal Uses for these lands include:

  • Commercial Storage Facility

  • Container, Shipping Container or Sea Can

  • Contractor Service

  • Equipment Rental

  • Temporary Storage

  • Vehicle Repair Facility

  • Greenhouse Warehouse Sales

  • Recycling Depot

  • Service Station

  • Service Station (Bulk Fuel Depot)

  • Service Station (Limited)

  • Spray Painting Operation

  • Utility

  • Vehicle Oriented Service

  • Vehicle Repair Facility (Limited)

  • Vehicle Sales, Leasing or Rental Facility

  • Vehicle Sales, Leasing or Rental Facility (Limited)

Industrial yard spaces in Leduc are allocated for the use of Contractor Services, Automobile and Equipment Rentals, Machine Fabrication, Repair Services and the Transportation and Logistics Businesses.