Get to know Kamloops, BC, Canada

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The city of Kamloops is located in south-central British Columbia and forms part of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, surrounded by Thompson County. The key heavy industries in Kamloops are centered around the transportation industries and the extraction of natural resources through mining and forestry. Construction and manufacturing are also key heavy industries in Kamloops.

There are four categorizations of industrial zones in Kamloops according to the Land Use By-Law of 2001:

  • I-1S - the Industrial Park District

  • I-1 - Light Industrial

  • I-2 -General Industrial

  • I-3 Heavy Industrial

Under this bylaw, the heavy industrial zone is purposed for the regulation of industries which require the extensive use of outdoor storage of raw, bulk or extracted materials incompatible with other land uses and which require access to major transportation facilities.

The following heavy industrial activities listed by the By-Law are the only ones permitted to operate in land zoned for heavy industrial use:

  • Accessory dwelling unit subject to Section 4908

  • Automobile wrecking and salvage operations

  • Batch plant

  • Extractive industry

  • Food truck or trailer

  • Industry, heavy

  • Recycling Plants are permitted on a site-specific basis for 1782 Mission Flats Rd.

Yard Space and Outdoor Storage are governed by the following provisions in the 2001 Land Use By-Law:

  • Outdoor storage areas are permitted as an accessory use only.

  • Outdoor storage areas must be graded and surfaced with asphalt, concrete or an

  • approved dust free material and drained to an approved discharge point.

  • Accessory vehicles or industrial equipment, including waste material and refuse which are stored outside, shall be kept in a storage area.

Industrial Yard Spaces in Kamloops are found in the following areas with the following uses:

  • The length of Halston Ave. where the Industrial Yard Spaces are used for Automobile Sales (Ford Lincoln), Automobile Servicing (Kami Auto), Transport Terminal (U-Haul Moving and Storage), and Construction (Foundation Building Materials).

  • Halston Ave. where it meets with Kootenay Way has industrial yard spaces used for storage (4Corners Storage), Car Repair and Maintenance (Moby Mechanical)

  • Ricardo Rd, which contains industrial yard space for transportation terminals (Pronto Enterprises), storage facilities (Self-Store All and Sentinel Storage) and Bulk Fuel Storage (Can Gas Propane).

  • Okanagan Way, which contains industrial yard spaces used for Automobile Sales, Service and Repair, Contractor Services, Supply Depots.

  • Mt. Paul Centre Way , which contains industrial yard spaces for manufacturing and contractor services.

  • Chilcotin Rd, which contains industrial yard spaces for auto repair services.

  • Tagish St., which contains industrial yard spaces for equipment repair, contractor services, and transportation.

  • Sarcee St. W, and Athabasca St. W, which contain industrial yard space for transportation, manufacturing and contractor services

  • Carrier St, which contains industrial yard spaces for automobile repair, and transportation services.

  • Mt. Paul Way, which contains industrial yard spaces for repair and transportation services.