Get to know Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

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The city of Grande Prairie is located in northwest Alberta and northwest of Edmonton. The heavy industries in the city are concentrated on the oil and gas industries, forestry and transportation.

There are three industrial classifications in Grande Prairie:

  • IB - Business Industrial District

  • IG- General Industrial District

  • IH - Heavy Industrial District

The Land Use and Zoning By-Law of Grande Prairie states that land zoned for Heavy Industrial Use is designated for large scale industrial use that may cause nuisance effects such as the production of noise, emissions and odours that may affect adjacent sites.

Under this By-Law, there are no permitted businesses as all businesses that operate in this zone are termed under discretionary operations.

  • Automobile and Equipment Repair and Sales

  • Bulk Chemical and Fuel Storage Facility

  • General Contractors

  • Oil Field Support

  • Outdoor Storage Facilities

  • Rail Yards

  • Recreational Vehicle Storage

  • Recycling Depot

  • Salvage Yard

  • Service Station

  • Storage Yard

  • Waste Management

  • Warehouse, Distribution and Storage

  • Public Utilities

Industrial Yard Spaces under this by law are to comply with the provisions on yard areas, where the Front, Side and Back Yards of Heavy Industrial Zoned Lands are to be 15 metres each in length.

  • Large tracts of industrial yard space are found along both sides of 108 St, where automobile storage and repair are the predominant businesses.

  • 84 Avenue contains industrial yard space for forestry businesses.

  • The right side of 110 St contains industrial yard space for equipment and auto rentals.

  • 78 Avenue corner of 110 St contains two industrial yard spaces for the transport and trucking industries.

  • Canfor Hauling Road contains industrial yard spaces for transport industries.

  • Industrial yard spaces along the south side of 100 Avenue are utilized by automobile and transport industries.

A large concentration of land zoned for heavy industrial use are located in the Richmond Business Park along 91 Ave, 112 St., 111A St corner of 84 Avenue, and 110 Street. One tract of land zoned for heavy industry lies along the railway of Grande Prairie.