Get to know Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada

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The city of Fort Saskatchewan lies northeast of Edmonton and forms part of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board. The city forms part of the industrial heartland of Alberta, and its home to several heavy industries which focus on the petrochemicals, advanced manufacturing, fabrication and construction, gas processing, and transport and logistics.

Under the Land Use and Zoning By-Laws of Fort Saskatchewan, there are five categorizations for industrial land use in the city, namely:

  • IL- Light Industrial District

  • IM- Medium Industrial District

  • IH- Heavy Industrial District

  • IR- Industrial Reserve District

  • IB - Industrial Buffer District

Heavy Industrial Use is defined under these bylaws as a manufacturing or processing activity that may consume large quantities of land, energy, water or other natural resources in its operation, or that requires access to transportation facilities which are capable of handling the transportation of goods and commodities in bulk.

Heavy Industrial Use may produce off-site effects such as noise, vibration, light, dust, odour, increased humidity, smoke, fumes, heavy truck traffic,and other impacts that may affect adjacent properties in its operation. These may also include any indoor display, office, technical or administrative support areas or sales areas accessory to industries under Heavy Industrial Use.

Industrial yard spaces are affected by the following provisions on Industrial Outdoor Storage in the Land Use By-Laws of Fort Saskatchewan:

  • Outdoor Storage shall only be permitted on a permanent basis in conjunction with another listed permitted or discretionary use in the district.

  • Outdoor Storage must be visually screened from adjacent roadways and adjacent Zones through the use of building orientation and design, Landscaping, berm and fencing.

  • The Development Authority may waive the screening requirement based on the site characteristics, the merit of the application, and if considered appropriate, the findings of a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessment

The Land Use By-Laws state that the following types of businesses may operate throughout industrial land zoned as IH (Heavy Industrial):

  • Emergency Response Service

  • General Industrial Use

  • Heavy Industrial Use

  • Natural Resource Processing

  • Outdoor Storage

  • Outdoor Storage Facility

These lands are located along the length of Highway 15, where it meets 119 St and 99 Avenue. Industrial yard spaces in this area consist of:

  • Yard Spaces for Chemical Storage (Dow Chemical Canada)

  • Procurement Yard Space for Taurus/Myshak

  • Project Yard Space for Primoris Willbros Canada PDH

  • Yard Space for Chemical Plants

  • Yard Space for Industrial Gas Supplier Praxair