Get to know Cold Lake, AB, Canada

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The city of Cold Lake is located in northeastern Alberta. The heavy industries in the city of Cold Lake are linked with the military due to the nearby CFB Cold Lake, however, the region around Cold Lake is conducive towards the petrochemical industries, influenced by the region’s proximity to the Athabasca Tar Sands and the Cold Lake Oil Sands. Forestry remains a key heavy industry for Cold Lake and its surrounding region.

The economic development and land use by-laws of Cold Lake are under the purview of the Municipal Development Plan of Bonnyville. Under the Municipal By-Laws, Industrial lands are located in comprehensively planned industrial parks, located along major transportation corridors, and urban centres. There is limited zoned land however, for the heavy industries. These industrial lands are allocated mostly for the development of major resources and the extraction of natural resources.

Industrial land use in Cold Lake is subject to the discretion of the Municipal District of Bonnyville. Businesses are supported by the municipal district if they are:

  • Agricultural-based, or involve the extraction of natural resources

  • Provides on-site service

  • Requires large tracts of land

  • Demonstrates a need for a specialized location to the Development Authority

  • Requires extensive transport linkages

  • Requires extensive buffers from populated areas.

Heavy industries in Cold Lake are categorized under RI- Rural Industrial according to the land use By-Laws of the Municipal District of Bonnyville. Businesses that are permitted to operate are those focused on the extraction and processing of natural resources. Businesses that require discretionary use are automobile sales and services, fuel and chemical storage, and utilities.

Industrial yard spaces may be found in the following locations in Cold Lake South:

  • 56 Avenue corner 54 St, a large concentration of automobile repair businesses, garages and equipment repair.

  • A cul-de-sac at 56 St, which contains industrial yard space for transport, automobile repair and glass manufacturing.

  • Yard space along Millenium Trail for Automobile Sales