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The Town of Cochrane forms part of the Calgary Metropolitan Area and the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board. Its major industries are concentrated on the construction, manufacturing and forestry industries. One of the main concerns with the town of Cochrane however, according to the Municipal Development Plan is the lack of industrial land which inhibits industrial development.

The Cochrane Municipal Development Plan carries certain provisions for the industries that may operate on industrially zoned land. New industries that create air pollution, negative environmental impacts or noxious odours are prohibited in the Municipality. Future industrial zones are to be located along transportation corridors to reduce the negative impacts of industrial traffic in the town. These sites are to be separated, screened and buffered from non-industrial land areas and major transportation corridors.

The Cochrane Land Use By-Laws have designations for heavy industrial uses, where Business Park Districts Land Use are labelled as M-BP, and land for General Industrial Use is labelled as M-1. Industries associated with Heavy Industries are categorized under the M-1 designation, and the following industries may operate:

  • Auto Body and Paint Shops

  • Automotive Parts Sales

  • Automotive Repair Shops

  • Automotive Sales or Rental

  • Automotive Storage

  • Building Supply Centres

  • Gas Bars

  • Operation Base (15/2017)

  • Industrial Service Shops

  • Manufacturing Plants (12/2014)

  • Outdoor Storage (17/2013)

  • Recycling Depots

  • Rental Shops

  • Rental Stores

  • Repair Shops

  • Research Establishments

  • Service Stations

  • Small Wind Turbine Type B (19/2016)

  • Storage Facility (17/2013)

  • Trucking Establishments

  • Warehouses

The Minimum Requirements for the M-1 designation, to include Industrial Yard Space Limits are:

  • LOT AREA a) 695.00 m²;

  • b) Notwithstanding Section 29.3.1 (a), 638.00 m² only for Lots 13 and 15, Block 23, Plan 3761X

  • LOT WIDTH: 15.00 m.

  • FRONT YARD: 4.00 m.

  • SIDE YARDS a) Except as hereinafter provided, 1.50 m;
    • b) Where a fire resistant wall is provided, 0.00 m;

    • c) For a laneless interior lot, one (1) unobstructed side yard of 6.00 m.

    • This setback does not apply to an accessory building when the accessory building is separated from the principal building by an unobstructed distance of 6.00 m.

  • REAR YARD: 6.00 m.

Industrial yard spaces must comply with the requirements of screening in accordance with the satisfaction of the Development Authority in Cochrane.