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The city of Camrose is centrally located in central Alberta and is the seat of Camrose County. Heavy industries in Camrose are concentrated on the Petrochemical Industries, Trade and Transportation Industries, and in Manufacturing and Utilities.

Industrial districts in Camrose are categorized under M1 for General Industrial and M2- for Heavy Industrial. These industrial zones are concentrated in the East Gateway Area, an Industrial Park along 39th Street and 44th Avenue, and the Crossroads Area. These areas are categorized with existing industrial zoned land, and are earmarked for further development according to the Economic Development of Camrose.

Heavy industries allowed to operate under the M2 designation include:

  • Automotive Body Repair and Painting

  • Automotive Wrecker

  • Bulk Fuel Depot

  • Contractor Service

  • Businesses allowed under General Industrial Classification which includes Warehouses

  • Outdoor Storage

  • Utility Structures

The Industrial Yard Space has to comply with the following setbacks under the Zoning By-Laws of Camrose:

  • Minimum Front Yard Setback 6.0 m

  • Minimum Flanking Side Yard Setback 3.0 m

  • Minimum Side Yard Setback 3.0 m

  • Minimum Rear Yard Setback 6.0 m

  • Maximum Building Height 18.0 m

  • Maximum Lot Coverage 60%

These sites, if they include the production of air pollution, odorous materials, and toxic substances must be enclosed in an on-site building. Additionally, there is the need for these yard spaces and industrial zones to comply with appropriate pollution control measures where soil hazards and groundwater contamination are controlled.

Automotive wreckers, if utilized, are to be considered by the Developmental Authority of Camrose, to determine its impact according to its visual aesthetics, and its environmental impact on noise and air pollution as it affects neighboring properties.

Properties with industrial yard spaces in Camrose include:

  • 3311 48 Avenue, which contains industrial yard space for large vehicles.

  • 3511 48 Avenue, which is a display area for automobile sales for Chrysler

  • 4701 36 St #3, industrial yard space for towed vehicles

  • 4615 36 St, industrial yard space for trailers

  • 4621 39 St, industrial yard space for the trucking industry

  • 4613 41 St, industrial yard space for heavy equipment rental