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Airdrie is a city located north of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and is part of the Calgary Metropolitan Region. Key heavy industries in Airdrie are focused on the Trade, Construction and Property Services. Manufacturing and the extraction of Natural Resources are other heavy industries within Airdrie.

Heavy Industrial land use according to the Mutual Development Plan of Airdrie are differentiated from other industrially zoned lands due to their scale and how the use of these lands impact the environment (such as the noise generated, the glare, and odour), and the amenities needed (such as special access and industrial yard spaces for outdoor storage). Subsequently, industries such as warehousing and manufacturing are categorized by the Mutual Development Plan as General Industries rather than Light Industries. Light industrial areas are intended to be a mix of industrial and commercial uses.

Parcels of land zoned for industrial use are concentrated along the length of Hamilton Blvd NE, and Highway 567, the length of Gateway Rd NE, the southern portion of Main St S and the length of Kingsview Blvd SE.

Minimum requirements for industrial properties are:

  • Area of site: 0.4 hectares.

  • Width of site: 30 metres.

  • Front yard: 6 metres.

  • Side and rear yards: 1.2 metres.

  • Side yard (street side of a corner site): 6 metres.

  • Rear Yard (where a yard abuts a Residential District or is laneless): 6 metres

For industrial yard spaces and outdoor storage according to the Airdrie Land Use Bylaw, the following uses are permissible:

  • Storage Areas do not include any minimum yards.

  • The storage area is visually screened from public thoroughfares

  • All the stored items are related to the business in the storage site.

  • Outside displays are limited to the examples of equipment sold by the industry on site and are limited to the minimum yard space.

Industrial Yard Spaces are categorized under IB -2, for Industrial Business Park Two District. Under the Airdrie Land Use Bylaw, additional minimum requirements include:

  • Area of Site: 1860 sq. metres

  • Width of Site: 30 metres

  • Front Yard: 6 metres

  • Side Yard: 1.2 metres except none where a firewall is needed, or on a laneless site, one unobstructed side yard shall be a minimum of 6 metres excluding corner sites with an alternate rear access.

  • Side Yard (Street Side of a Corner Site): 3 metres

  • Rear Yard: 6 metres